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 Hello, In this website I will teach you how to make money online, so lets start!

Way 1:

Okay, the best website to make money in is this:

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Way 2:

Make money by Clicking ads daily, In fact this is the best way to make money online just by sitting back and relaxing, just register here and you will be able to make big bucks and especially if you are good in managment, for more info read in the site=>

 Description: you have to click ads (4 ads) every day, it resets every 24 hours, you get 0.01$ per click BUT when you reach 0.60$ you will be abple to rent 3 refferals (refferals=people like you) and you will get 50% of what they earn, any way you will be able to rent evey 7 days, so if this continues you will be getting a biger and biger amount every day, +it has 2 other memberships where you can get 100% of your refferals clicks + you can click more ads a day + you can refer direcly more people. also if you want to speed up the prosses you can always pay, but if you want to do it 100% free you just wait a little more.

Now then for the payment method, I suggest Alert Pay, you can register here:

Alert Pay is a payment processor that unlike PayPal it can be verified via your mobile phone, so its more easy.

Way 3:

Youtube! yes, if you are good at making videos that atract the audience you can join youtube and uploading videos at least once a week so people subscribe to you, But if you need a boost you can go there and start a sub 4 sub system=>  

after you have enough views in general you can join the youtube partnership program and start making money per view.

Way 4:

Advertise, yeah, thats right, you can start blogging or/and making websites free on www.webs.com or www.blogger.com and adding advertisements to these sites and getting profits by them, to get and add ads go here=>

To promote your website post link of this website to the button of your site.
This will be an example of link exchange.                                                                                                                         Also to promote your Blogg add RSS and feedback burner to it, also to promote every site or blog you can leave coments on other websites or blogs with your name and website's url, so people will see it and click it, another way to generate traffic is by adding keywords and adding your website to "Google add url" , "Yahoo submit site" and "bing add url" so people can find your website easy, but remember, your website/blog will never be in 1st page of search results  so easy, to do so you have to have much traffic and site views and the search engines will automatically put in up and up.

Way 5:

Well... this is an old story but in old days  people was making very, VERY big bucks by making ebooks and selling them on ebay but now ebay doesn't have this feuture that allows you to just upload your digital products and just leave them be sold alone but you now have to put it in a disk, so if you find a website that can host and sell digital products like ebooks just go for it, its the greatest idea for making cash online.

Way 6:

Make money by searching the web, this website lets you make money by searching, commenting and voting the results, yeah, and it generates results from Google, bing and yahoo, so you will be able to have the best results and also winning prizes and giftcards, to join just click here=>

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